Canada’s health workforce ecosystem is working to address current health workforce challenges and plan for the future. Here are some links to tools, resources and insights currently available.

Illustration of puzzle pieces with text that says "Health Worker Burnout Toolkit"

Mental Health CARE Toolkit for Health Workers

Health Workforce Canada is pleased to share a mental health toolkit of resources for health workers provided by the Canadian Health Workforce Network (CHWN). CHWN has partnered with several health professional and leadership organizations to create this extensive online, bilingual searchable toolkit of resources to address the rising rates of health worker burnout leading to unprecedented rates of attrition from the workforce. These resources build on research undertaken through the CIHR and SSHRC funded Healthy Professional Worker Partnership and a CIHR funded study of health worker burnout.

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Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals Resource Hub

N4 – The National Newcomer Navigation Network has launched the N4 IEHP Resource Hub, a comprehensive platform that provides resources, tools, reports, and an up-to-date list of supports for Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals (IEHPs), organizations supporting them (stakeholders) and employers. It promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing and integration of these professionals into Canada’s health care system.

Health Workforce Canada is grateful to N4 for providing this valuable resource to help support Internationally Educated Health Professionals.

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Nursing Retention Toolkit

At more than 450,000 strong, nurses comprise the largest group of regulated health professionals in Canada. They are critical to patients and Canada’s health care system. However, nurses are facing increased workloads, high rates of burnout, stress, anxiety and depression.

To help support and retain nurses, Canada’s Health Minister and the Chief Nursing Officer for Canada have released a Nursing Retention Toolkit. Called Improving the Working Lives of Nurses in Canada, the kit was created by nurses for nurses. It is designed to provide employers and administrators with the tools they need to improve health and wellness for nurses.

Health Workforce Canada commends the many outstanding nurses who have devoted time and energy to creating this rich resource.