Our Work

We are committed to engaging with a broad spectrum of stakeholders as we chart the path toward new approaches to health workforce planning.

Many stakeholders have been consulted about the role of Health Workforce Canada and recognize the need to work together to address this urgent health care system issue. As the work progresses, there will be more opportunities for the broader health sector to contribute to the development of our mission and strategic plan.

A workshop in November 2023 brought together a group of key partners to advise on a strategic framework to guide our work. Stakeholders will be able to continue the conversation.

We want to tap into the vast network of partners and thinking, and so there will be more opportunities to contribute as our work evolves.

These consultations will lead to a Strategic Plan that will subsequently guide Health Workforce Canada’s work to address the pressing challenges in the country’s health workforce.


Media requesting information can contact: 

For all other inquiries, please contact: info@healthworkforce.ca