December 18, 2023

Toronto Star

Four ways to improve health care in 2024

Governments of all political leanings have agreed to collaborate on system change. The new organization Health Workforce Canada will help improve data collection and sharing to support human resource planning.

December 6, 2023

Health Workforce Canada established to improve health workforce data and planning

News release

Health workers are the backbone of Canada’s health care system. More than ever, there is a need to improve health workforce planning and to better share knowledge and experience to recruit and retain health workers across the country. The federal government, provinces and territories, and health care system partners recognize the need for a network that will bring together health workforce data experts to learn from each other in order to build a stronger and healthier workforce, ultimately leading to better patient care…

November 23, 2023

Health Workforce Canada has an Interim CEO

Deb Gordon, former Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Alberta Health Services, has been appointed to the role by the newly founded organization’s Board of Directors.

“Deb Gordon is a respected leader in health care. Her extensive executive health leadership experience and her collaborative approach will enable our organization to begin the work of collaborating with partners to build a strong health workforce in Canada to meet the needs of patients,”  Board Chair Glenda Yeates said Thursday.

Health Workforce Canada will work closely with all health system stakeholders to improve the gathering and sharing of data and find practical solutions and innovative practices to address long-standing issues in Canada’s health workforce.

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